20 Weird Things I’ve Done During Isolation

Malia Gillette
1 min readMar 26, 2020

A non-chronological compilation

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

1- Tried to make a ventilator out of a CPAP machine.

2- Ordered an asthma inhaler from my primary care doctor.

3- Started an impromptu garden.

4- Opened a stock account and bought some cryptocurrency.

5- Googled “Colloidal silver” for two hours and read 100 reviews.

6- Made a collage of magazine covers and drew a castle on it.

7- Cooked up three crockpots full of soup and put the excess in the freezer.

8- Signed up for fifty free trials and started a “Free trial calendar”.

9- Went to thirty online AA meetings.

10- Put up a hammock in the backyard.

11- Took 100 paid surveys.

12- Sewed some masks out of bra straps and cups.

13- Applied for a few jobs and one internship.

14- Binge watched “Working Mom’s” seasons 1–3

15- Started a isolation induced relationship with someone in the online AA meetings

16- Read “The Sun Also Rises” by Hemingway

17- Started reading “All The King’s Men”

18- Started listening to the audio book “Next Level Basic.”

19- Designed some T-shirts on Teespring.

20- Played Fortnite with my family members out of state.

What are some weird ways you are getting by?

Malia Gillette

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