35 Things you can do with your kids during isolation

Malia Gillette
2 min readMar 28, 2020

And none of them involve slime!

  1. Set up a tent in the back yard with snacks and things to do
  2. Start an herb garden with egg cartons
  3. Make salt dough creations to decorate your garden
  4. Have a dance off and let them choose the music
  5. Write a script and film a funny sketch to put on Youtube
  6. Have a candlelight dinner
  7. Barbeque together, let them arrange the charcoal and flip the burger
  8. Look at old pictures
  9. Set a time to play Fortnite together using headsets, invite extended family
  10. Set up a blog for them on blogspace for free
  11. Read or play an audio book as they are going to bed
  12. Let them peruse Amazon and pick something for $5–$10
  13. Redecorate their room
  14. Paint rocks from the yard with nail polish
  15. Send “Happy Isolation” cards to people in the family
  16. Go through clothes and have them help you choose what stays and what goes
  17. Make a pretend restaurant, have them draw menus and print fake money
  18. Set up a Twitch stream where they narrate their favorite video game
  19. Turn on a beat and freestyle
  20. Have a fashion show
  21. Find a charity together online to donate to, let them pick
  22. Have them help you with maintenance around the house
  23. Do an online yoga class together
  24. Make them a spa bubble bath with tea and a robe hanging for when they get out
  25. Draw chalk games on the driveway like tic tac toe or hopscotch
  26. Make a drive in movie and have them decorate boxes to sit in
  27. Let them color their hair with temp dye
  28. Make a battery out of a potato
  29. Make a scrapbook out of all of your old tickets, brochures and pictures
  30. Make a sick kit out of a shoe box and little baggies of bandaids, vitamins, thermometers, etc. so they feel ready if someone gets sick
  31. Make a foosball table out of Lego guys and a shoebox
  32. Hydro dip a pair of shoes using water and spray paint
  33. Play soccer in your backyard with music blasting on the speakers
  34. Have them do chores and start putting their earned coins in a jar labled “Savings”
  35. Have a water gun fight in the house.
Malia Gillette

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