Anti-climatic ways to use the phrase “You go, girl”

“You go, girl” is a phrase of empowerment, but what if you want to take that empowerment back? Here are some ways to deflate the context surrounding “You go, girl” so even if you are not a sassy clubby type you can still feel like you’re getting away with some attitude.

  1. By saying “You. Go. Girl” like a caveman when your playing Monopoly and your friend is about to pass go you can sneak one in without anyone noticing.
  2. Giving up your place in line due to confusion over who was there first is a good time to be deceptively saucy, just say “Pardon me, no, you go girl.”
  3. At the end of a eulogy for a woman gently state “You go girl” as you flutter your hand in the air as if to release her soul.
  4. When asking a woman to leave the room you can say it in a way that contains that phrase you long to let fly free from your lips. “You go, girl I mean it.”
  5. Turn it into a question. For instance waiting your turn on a runway fashion show “You go girl?”
  6. Switch the question around in two parts “You go?… Girl?”
  7. If you want to be real sneaky you can act like you are talking about a specific kind of car owner “Yugo girl”. “Oh, I know her, Yugo girl.”
  8. Split it up when you’re talking to two people in a swim race for instance . Say to one and point in a direction “You go”. Than turn to another “Girl.”
  9. If you absolutely need to assert your playful audaciousness you can always resort to saying it to a nearby dog in a baby voice, “You go girl, yeah, you go.”
  10. If you find that none of these are fulfilling your desire than go ahead and whip n’ snap a Z for Zesty and shake your head side too side, poke your head out like a chicken and let it out, “You fuckin’ go girl!”

Sorry, bored.

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