BTW, uh, feminist, comments like that to a rape survivor are invalidating and can reinforce the trauma of not having a voice. You’re lucky though, I’ve been through A LOT harder shit than rape or to be bothered by a few comments that come from someone who doesn’t have a lot of life experience. I won’t tell you the details of what happened to me cause it might scare ya to know there’s real bad shit out there. I straight up don’t even want to start making situations where I’ve asked a guy that I want to sleep with to use a condom and he didn’t rape. It’s happened before, believe me, but I feel like a fairly normal person by saying I let it slide…pun intended. If it was something that bothered me there would be a struggle and if he continued to violently have sex than that would be rape. You acted the same way I would, said no, but went with it.

I’d like to know other women’s opinions…been there before (With a guy you have loving feelings towards!!)? Did you react the same way, said no, but then went with it. God, I just think this sounds like such narcissistic bullshit. Hire a door guy for your pussy, I guess, cause you are definitely a VIP (Vagina Impervious Premadonna) ←sorry, I don’t usually like to name call, but the acronym was just too good



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