DIY Divorce Fill-In The Blanks

Petition for Divorce

1. __________ (Fun Term) about the parties

Petitioner lives in _________ (Inflated adjective i.e. unbridled bliss)

Respondent lives in ___________(Derogatory state of being i.e. squalor, filth)

2. Information about the marriage (check all that apply):

We were married on ________(a drug) at ___________(An ugly place):

Our domestic partnership was registered with the State of _________ (Mental Disorder) on _______(a thing): and:

it converted into a _________(Swear word ending in “ing”)_________(Tragic Event) by law on _________(Date). (RCW 26.60.100.)

we were married on __________(A Drug): at __________(A Place That Sucks):

We currently live in _________(Swear word ending in “ing”)___________(Another term for hell). We began living in separate _________ (Plural Noun) on ________(Weekday):

3. Request for divorce

This marriage __________(Negative Adjective) and is irretrievably _________ (Verb Past Tense). I ask the court to __________(Adverb)________(Aggressive Verb) our marriage and find that our marital community ended with a ____________(Swear word ending in “ing”)_________ (Negative Adjective) _________ (Noun).

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