Emoticoms — Compound Emoji’s for Complex Emotions

Malia Gillette
1 min readFeb 15, 2020

🐴💩 — Horse Shit, very helpful in conveying that you feel questionable about whatever the hell it is you are talking about

🐮💩 — Bull shit. For when you want to call bullshit in the cutest way possible.

🐝➡️🔙 — Be right back. Much more meaningful than brb.

🔥⚡ — Hot flashes. Some of us could put this emoji to very good use.

🐤🧲 — Chick Magnet. (With use of actual magnet emoji)

🏁⛵ — Flagship. If you happen to be talking about a pioneer in the industry you can drop this compound emoji.

🌰💼 — Nut case. You might be talking about your boss, you might be talking about your mom. There is a lot of versatility in this combo.

👁️’m ⬇️ — One way to say you are game for whatever.

🍯🍔 — Honey Bun. Say ‘Hey baby’ in this unique way.

🐱🐟 — Catfish. Maybe you are being catfished, maybe you are doing the catfishing, either way this is a good way to break it to your perpetrator/victim.

🐌📨 — Snail mail. As long as things still aren’t 💯 digital, you can use these digital emoticons to communicate that.

Malia Gillette

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