How to get rid of telemarketers and sales calls: Diary of a sales agent

Telemarketers and sales agents are just like you, trying to do a job. Just like your company has to promote itself, so do others. You may not use phone reps and may believe them to be annoying, but when you think about it, it’s a more personal way to connect then simply mathematically calculating someone’s algorithms and spitting out propaganda through Google. Plus in a digital world, it’s still a profession that employs people and helps them support their families. Many times they are simply matching people up with something that is useful to them. Other times there are “sneaky” sales tactics where fine print is not mentioned, however, it is always there and available to read if you ask. It is a sales agents job to make a product look desirable and feature the benefits. Just like McDonald’s isn’t going to end a commercial stating their limited liabilities or law suits a sales agent isn’t going to get into that either; looking into the product and it’s disclaimers is the job of the consumer as it stands. I always suggest to consumers to give 30 seconds to a phone call so you don’t get in the habit of dehumanizing people. If in that 30 seconds you don’t like the product than simply say thanks and hang up. Or if in that 30 seconds the person sounds like a robot hang up because they are dehumanizing you. If you simply don’t care about these jobs, people, employment and the economic food chain than here are some suggestions to getting rid of these calls altogether.

Avoid being listed by directories:

Ask to be put on the DNC list:

Create an app:

Work by referral only:

Set up Google Voice or another call blocking app:

Sign up with a phone answering service:

Simply fucking with someone over the phone is not a good way to get rid of a marketer. They’ll just hang up and let the next guy call. It’s not like there is a list anywhere where someone records “Al at the tire shop is a real dick and will pretend to order a large shipment than never answer the phone again.” You are just being cruel by doing this and messing with someone’s livelihood. The only thing fucking with a sales agent will guarantee you is a sales position in the next life.

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