I’m experiencing a reality TV void or what might be coined as “outter darkness”

I’m single and sober and TV is something I look forward too. Reality TV is to me what a single man’s live-in mother is to him (think Bates motel). Perhaps it keeps me from seeking the entanglement of outside relationships. So Bravo may as well be termed endearingly as “mother”. (As a side note I would avoid watching Darrin Aronofsky’s ‘Mother!’, uh, yikes!). But right now it’s the winter break and although I’m blessed with the fifth season of one of my fave reality TV show of all time VANDERPUMP RULES, I don’t have the usual Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday…every day a new show to look forward to. Okay, so the more I write the more sad this is sounding. I mean granted “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” with Erykah is on Tuesdays, that still leaves almost a whole week. I can throw in a good sitcom like “Teachers” on Sundays, I believe, and SNL on the weekend, but shit what am I going to do the mid to end of week?! I just wanted to vent about having to wait a whole week to get a fix. I feel like I might need to do something drastic like start watching “Floribama Shore”, is anyone else experiencing this void? How are you coping?!

Photo by Frank Okay on Unsplash



Drinking Johnny Bootlegger on a Champagne budget. Editor @ www.DIYrrhea.com and www.realfakepersonals.com

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