Man comfortable with double life seeking sensitive and loving woman to dupe. Also searching for slut hole DTF.

To loving woman: I’m Brandon! Cool to meet you! I don’t usually write these things cause ya know it’s a lot easier to pay someone to do it! Write personals, I mean. I’m that guy at that bar that basically looks like a total scumbag that people easily figure out has a medical condition pertaining to my consumption. Anyhoo, I’m looking for that girl that other guys are like “That’s the girl you’re cheating on?!” to cheat on. I’d like that woman to also trust me and love me a lot. I know what you’re thinking “This guy is a monster”…well, actually I can go ahead and find selective research on the internet about how men are biologically programmed to sleep with as many women as we can in a heart beat! I got it covered! I know I’m a piece of shit, BUT…these BUTS keep me on a level playing field with whoever I can drag into my cesspool. Don’t take away my butts…parden the pun, love is great, but love isn’t making protein cum out of my blood-filled skin appendage for four minutes at a hundred dollars a pop and that’s what’s important! Oh, I have kids, did I mention that? Now I want you to pretend I didn’t say all that cause actually I was that guy, but I’m not anymore. I tried that life and it wasn’t for me. I’m actually really looking for a deep, meaningful and intimate relationship with someone I love.

To slut DTF: Hi, I’m Brandon, pretend I didn’t just write that previous post…Anyway, I’m just waiting for a little cum slut to penetrate deep. I’ll pay you for it cause the girls I’m actually getting are, unfortunately at my level…unattractive, not that smart, bigger. I didn’t get a chance to fuck thin and good looking girls when I was young so I just had a family. Yeah. I mean I have a sensitive and loving woman I’m duping, but she’s not young or thin any more so what good is that? I need to know there’s young, thin girls out there if I’m simply willing to pay for it cause that must make me a man for two seconds. I want to cum in your hole so my dick can feel like a porn star for twenty minutes only to intermittently enjoy images later mixed with periods of self-loathing for being the shell of humanity that I’ve become. What are you waiting for you dirty thing? Cum to daddy…

OMG, sorry this is so dark. This is just me using humor as a coping mechanism.

Drinking Johnny Bootlegger on a Champagne budget. Editor @ and

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