Musk to Mars

Damn it Unsplash!

I’m a Hollywood buff and I have a large database of TMZ-inspired hook ups catalogued in the part of my brain that unfortunately is the most accessible. Yes, it would be nice if I remembered things like home remedies or directions, but I’m the one at the party that directs half intelligent conversations back to the Bieber/Baldwin union making everyone wonder where I stopped maturing and my development got arrested and thrown in the clink. But now we have GRIMES and ELON MUSK and I get to sound smart while I’m being gossipy and sneaking in some insights that the average TMZ worker (?) wouldn’t know.

I’ve written about Elon Musk and my theory about him being a robot. Well, what kind of music would a robot listen to if they existed among us? Electronic! Grimes you’re not disproving my theory. At first hearing these two were together I thought “Well, Elon’s finally colonized Mars”. I’ve been a long time Grimes fan. When I first saw her video for Genesis five or six years ago I was fascinated by her style as well as her evil angel voice. However, her interviews were cryptic and too pins and needles for even me. It seemed like they had caught her on a Molly comedown or after a brain cell massacre. I’ve often wondered during Elon’s interviews “Is this guy so smart he’s slow or did he get some water in his circuitry?” So maybe since they both communicate at some Tardo (Italian, not short for retard) tempo they can fill in the many blanks and together make an actual functioning entity. I heard in one of her interviews that her mother is in politics, I think she is an attorney, and Grimes herself is an advocate of animal rights as well as many other semi-fanatical ideologies. What happens when two fanatical powerhouses start sending signals to each other, having sex and making metaphorical babies? I’m kind of excited to see (the brainchild of their collaborations, not the sex, but I wouldn’t mind that either). The more I think about it, the more this union seems to work, it was a shock at first because I couldn’t have put together a better cast of characters if I’d acquired a CSA at the end of my title. While I was listening to Grimes I was also getting way deep into Elon Musk and his philosophies. It was like I had a soundtrack to this modern day sci-fi tale of the guy who started Paypal and then rocketed into the future with ideas that were advancing more rapidly than the rest of the world was. From E-payments to E cars to SpaceX to AI. Most of these events transpired in the last 5 or 6 years while Grimes was launching music into space. So now it’s like Marvel crossing with DC, two greats with their own separate super powers…what’s gonna happen? Forget the age difference, it just works and you know I just had to say it could be really cool.



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