Revisiting Willie Wonka and The Chocolate Factory

Shit Just Got Weird

Tonight I’m watching WWATCF (1971) with my kids and every scene brings about a new perspective as an adult and contextual things I didn’t pick up when all I could focus on was colorful candy and golden tickets. Now I know I’m not the first one to write about this subject and point out the weirdness, but I figured I’d shed my own light.

  • There’s a Stanley Kubrick “A Clockwork Orange” quality that I didn’t notice before. After watching WWATCF I felt the need to watch ACO and whoa…there was even more relation than I saw before. Both were released in 1971…same year so that explains the similar film quality. In one scene in ACO Alex listens to a song called “Willie Wonka” a sped up too happy song with an erratic beat. WTF, didn’t notice that before. Kubrick doesn’t put anything in his films without significance. And then in the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (as pictured above) you can see Tim Burton did a literal and figurative nod to ACO.

I find it kind of strange that my kids love this movie. There are very few movies I can get both my four year old and my eleven year old to sit through together and somehow this movie is so captivating to children I have to wonder if it’s cause of the subliminal’s. Part of me thinks the tunnel scene is meta commentary about subliminal messages while the movie itself keeps audiences glued with the shiny packaging and brand attachment to Wonka. I mean it’s either that or this movie is a timeless classic….

Got to be the subliminal’s

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