PSYCHICS: Are they Mediums (or just Mild?)

Anyone watch Tyler Henry on E! network? I’m actually just going to USE Tyler as my medium to bring up a more general topic that I’ve come to be interested in. Psychics. I’m going to throw in some talk about synchronicity and coincidence as well cause if you don’t know by now I’m in sales and it always sweetens the deal to throw in a couple extras.

To touch on Henry first, I’d like to say that this kid, if he’s faking, still deserves to be famous. He’s entertaining to watch (the dramatic scribbling, the possessed eye rolling, the way he articulates and communicates) and I’m not sure at what skill it takes to talk to the dead, but I know the living can be a real bitch and he’s skilled as hell in communicating with them. I feel like gay guys are the great equalizer, everyone wants to hang out with them so why would that exclude ghost. I want this guy to be real and he wants ghosts to be real so if perception is 100% reality than in my world we’re all getting what we want.

After watching several episodes of the show I began to research his past to see what I could find. The first place I started was Wikipedia. Now there’s not much in terms of links to people who know him unfortunately, but what I did find was an abundance of people who think he’s fake. I was especially displeased to find a link to an article written by one Susan Gerbic. Ooooh, she made me mad. I’d give you the link to the article if I didn’t think it was going to give her more power. In fact I think she wrote Tyler Henry’s Wiki page since she does a lot with Wikipedia AND is mentioned more times than Tyler in his own article. Hmmmm…. So I wrote a scathing email to her after she called Tyler “A grief vampire” and said she questioned his credibility simple due to the fact that he “wanted to help parents who lost a child to suicide”. And I actually heard back from her. Geez, after being mentioned so many times in an actually famous persons’ wiki page, I assumed she’d be too busy to write a lowly blogger like myself. Nope, she was sittin’ on her wicker couch eating bugels from Big Lots in her backyard. She belongs to a skeptics society and has shown up to several psychic conventions incognito with fake photographs and a fake backstory. A psychic sting, if you will. She was able to in many cases get these psychics to embarrass themselves by actually falling into the trap. Yes, you’d think they would know better, that something would tell them from the other side something was up. Susan believes that our belief of psychics is like Occam’s razor. Look it up, I’m too tired to explain.

Anyway, my recent experience with a psychic stemmed from losing some very important people in my family in March. My sister lost her two young children and husband which effected my family deeply. The sudden nature and way in which they died (in a plane accident) made us all question our beliefs. What happened was we wanted to hear from them. We wanted to know wherever they are, are they okay. Are they still with us? Are the still in existence? Before this happened my family wasn’t speaking much, but at this time our hearts opened as well as our consciousness. Our consciousness allowed us to rise above the grounding problems of this earth to the more universe centric questions we had about existence hence bringing us closer together. When I returned to Oregon I went back to work the next day. I was on my hundredth sales call of the day when I tried to sell a woman who owned a laundromat. The conversation was going so well we got into things of a more personal nature (admittedly I was still in this higher consciousness and not focusing much on selling anyone or working that hard) and she happen to mention she was a psychic. At that moment I felt compelled to tell her about my niece and nephew. She asked if one of them was vegan. No, I said. Then I thought for a moment about my nephew Asher. Asher was allergic to eggs, dairy and most everything since birth. I thought, well maybe. She asked if there was a rosary that was baried with them. Did not ring a bell. To this she said “Give it some time.” Lastly, she told me that music would be how I would hear from them. I didn’t question that because I’ve had many messages through music and have made the claim myself. When I hung up I stared at my computer screen and processed what we had said. At that moment, on the sales floor that 99% of the time plays hip hop, rap and billboard hits of now I heard a familiar lyric overhead. Morrissey “There is a Light that Never Goes Out” was playing overhead. A song I knew well and absolutely meant for me in that moment. Odd odd odd.

When I got home I asked my mom about the rosary. My sister was with her and my mom said “no, there was nothing like that.” Then I heard my sister in the background pipe up. They were all barried with rings on a necklace and my sister had a necklace to match with three rings on it. Yes, we believed this to be a sign!

So I wrote Susan Gerbic back. I basically told her about my job. My job is to convince people of value everyday. I said if Tyler Henry brings people hope than he certainly deserves the fame he has for many of us bring much less to the table. Are psychics real? I’ll expand on my theories later. Furthermore, do we care? I actually feel like psychics are far less threatening than critics of psychics. The critic is like that big brother that bust in the door on Christmas eve to say Santa’s not real. There just may not be the right timing to do that while we’re here on earth. If we’re not going to have direct answers I’d rather fill in the blanks with magic and romance than emptiness and futility. Any takers?

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