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Here you have a man that was raised in the Mormon church, raised by farmers, raised by good all-American people. He succeeds in football and track, lettering and graduating from high school with a 3.5 GPA. He goes on to study sociology and psychology in college at Utah state. Some years later he becomes fanatical, freaks out, walks into an LDS congregation fireside with what looks to be a bomb (but is actually a cell phone taped to look like one) while one of the appointed leaders of the church is speaking. He tells President Hunter to anoint him as the new prophet.

The crazy part is…isn’t this the actual story of the LDS church?

If Joseph Smith had a personal ad it would read like this: Young, philosophical young man and aspiring prophet becomes fanatical, denounces his church, anoints himself prophet, later becomes martyr.

But the story gets better…and only in Utah.

Cody Judy goes on to serve a prison sentence until the year 2000 when he is paroled by essentially agreeing not to coerce any more people to take on his religions views. (Cody Judy actually responded to this Medium article and pointed out that ‘no, you can not coerce people to take on ones political views.’ I was talking about in theory.) Years later HE’S ON THE PRESIDENTIAL TICKET. In 2016 Cody Judy was a write-in for presidential candidate. In 2018 he is a write in for senate. Now a felon, he discovered that he was disqualified from running for local office, however, being a felon does not exclude one from running for federal office.

But Utah, n’er short of a great martyr story turned victorious provides like the Bishop’s store house on a Saturday.

So yes, Mr. Judy himself responded to this article and referred to the fake B.O.M. as the Book of Mormon. Also, corrected me in that he has run for president not once, not twice, but three separate times in 08, 12 and 16. You never know in this world what is going to happen…our last election proved that. Maybe we’ll be President Judy in 2020!

Links: Video Footage of the bomb threat at the Marriot center during Brother Hunter’s speech. https://youtu.be/9q_hv_fgPr0




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